This week, Fran and Pat are back on their couch to talk about the new Rachel Dolezal documentary. File under: “so you don’t have to.”


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One comment on “Episode 90 | Couch Chat: The Rachel Divide

  1. Nancy L May 17, 2018

    You guys are way too kind. She’s a liar and a fraud. Traits not to be rewarded with attention and fame. As Fran mentioned, AND she keeps it going. Reminds me of MelaniaT face, who stole Michelle Obama’s speech content and lied saying she didn’t, Then also did not apologize. So why reward this behavior with attention? If it were your child, you would want to correct it. But it’s a grown ass adult who absolutely should be left with consequences. there’s so many other, lovely, hard working, creative, NOT victim seeking and NOT liars and frauds, people in the world…why bother with this bs? While the doc may have humanized her, and of course she is a human being, her behavior engenders disrespect, so of course one must respond to that. Personally I think she is mentally ill. really, I do. I work in medicine, I am saying this. And thanks for watching it for me. xo.

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