This week, we seek vigilante justice: Fran hunts trolls at VidCon and things get loud when Pat asks the neighbors to quiet down.


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12 comments on “Episode 66 | The Troll Hunter

  1. Joshua Jul 26, 2017

    Just when it seemed like you were making progress, you go and say stupid shit like this… Shame on you, Franny. Shame, shame, shame!

    Andy Warski was TRYING to start a dialogue with you for AGES; he ASKED you to defend your anti-white, anti-male rhetoric for AGES, and all you ever did was ignore and refuse. Then, when you were ALL-BUT BACKED INTO A CORNER, with Laci Green acting as an intermediary, you FINALLY started some dialogue with him, and he reported on the outcomes, saying it actually seemed promising, and you might be willing to “expand your horizons”, and see the “skeptic community” for what it ACTUALLY was; not what your paranoid, delusional, victim-narrative-obsessed mind perceived it to be… You told Andy about the “bullies” that would come over from his fandom and “harass” you, and he told you that he didn’t condone that, and was only interested in a fair and honest exchange of ideas… And JUST when it FINALLY seemed like you were making LEGITIMATE PROGRESS on letting your fear-and-hate-inspired prejudices go, you go and spew the asinine bullshit that you did on this podcast with your poor, beta-male, cucked husband, who doesn’t even have the wherewith-all to formulate his own opinions and challenge your idiotic notions of “what the other side is really like”… You all-but flat-out STATE through DIRECT IMPLICATION that they’re all pathetic losers that can’t pick up women, so they hate women and complain and harass others to feel better about themselves…. Weren’t you paying attention to ANYTHING, the ENTIRE TIME you were talking to Andy Warski?!?! You are a delusional cretin, and the WORLD KNOWS THIS!!! Andy Warski and Armored Skeptic BOTH feel like you’ve been LYING to their faces for the past several months; that the only reason you were even FINALLY opening dialogue with him was so that you could lambast them and throw the entire skeptic community under the bus, and take the “moral high-ground” by trying to pretend like you had some kind of altruistic goal of being a “life-coach” for them by “encouraging them to do better”! What a total, unmitigated crock of SHIT that was! You thought your “harassment” was bad before? What about now, after you’ve exposed yourself as a liar, a faker, and a hypocrite? You’re soooo upset about how so many people supposedly “mischaracterize” you as a racist man-hater, but the SECOND you get the opportunity, you’ll mischaracterize the “other side” as pathetic woman-hating losers whose mothers didn’t love them enough to encourage them. Talk about lacking in self-awareness! You, my dear, are the ONLY pathetic loser I can see in this entire situation. Congratulations.

    • Joshua Jul 26, 2017

      For someone who wants to pretend she’s better than everyone on “the other side”, you sure do love your deceptive narratives and flat-out lies, name-calling, ad-hominem slander, and making fun of a kid who stutters (which is apparently okay, as long as he holds the “wrong opinions”…. Ableism, anyone?) You’re a terrible human being, Franny. At LEAST you had the decency to make it public knowledge; too bad your were too much of a coward and a sociopath to make it known to the people’s FACES how little respect you ACTUALLY had for them.

      • Joshua Jul 26, 2017

        It’s okay, Franchesca; show us on the doll where they touched you. And never forget for ONE MINUTE, that YOU… ARE… THE… VICTIM! Perpetual victim, never the instigator, never the bully; you will ALWAYS be the one who is wronged, who takes the high road, who IS BETTER than EVERYONE ELSE… Because you work for MTV, and MTV is “cool” and would NEVER hire a hateful, talent-less hack with the self-awareness of a turnip. You speak of being “nice” to people you disagree with, and in the SAME BREATH, mischaracterize EVERYONE who disagrees with you as unattractive, uncoordinated, unathletic neckbeards with no self-esteem who need YOUR help to “fix” their “pathetic, hateful lives”…. This goes WELL beyond hypocrisy, and WELL beyond self-delusion… This is psychopathy. You are SICK in the head! Thank GOD most people in this great nation of ours RECOGNIZE you for the fraud that you are! You WILL NEVER be popular beyond the little SJW niche that MTV has so thoughtfully built FOR you, and that just eats away at your self-esteem and the core of who you are as a person, because deep down, you KNOW that you’re a fraud, and your idea of “social justice” is disparaging white men for being born the wrong gender and color to partake in the oppression pie that you love so much.

        You even had ME fooled! I THOUGHT there was at least an OUNCE of self-awareness in you! I THOUGHT that you wanted HONEST DIALOGUE! But it was ALL A FARCE to neuter dissenting arguments by trying to be “buddy-buddy” with them, all while gathering intel to mock them and call them idiots and trolls for trusting you and actually getting them to BELIEVE that they MIGHT have mischaracterized you! HOW ON EARTH DID YOU THINK THAT WOULD WORK?!?! Does your BRAIN just NOT FUNCTION like a NORMAL HUMAN BEING’S?! THEY are not the ones attempting to “rebrand themselves”; their opinions HAVE NOT CHANGED! YOU are the one who APPEARED to be pulling a 180 on your instant dismissal of ANYONE with a dissenting opinion, and in one fell swoop; in one IDIOTICALLY ill-concieved podcast (Episode 66, “Troll Hunters”), you DEMOLISHED all the “progress” that the “evil” skeptic community BELIEVED you were making! You have COMPLETELY cemented your image as a figure worthy of contempt and ridicule, ironically by showing your contempt for and ridiculing those of dissenting opinions. How does that bitter dose of irony taste, Franny?

  2. Nosam Jul 27, 2017

    Omg I love ur content!

    Haha, I’m just kidding. Have a good day.

  3. Waldo Jul 27, 2017

    “anti-anything is a pretty bad…” Atheism is anti-religion; are atheists bad?

  4. Sophia Sadek Jul 29, 2017

    I was introduced to your podcast by some YouTube trolls who were complaining about your work. I can see why they are offended. Your work is of a much higher level of quality than theirs. They must be green with envy.

    The thing that I find most ironic about them is that they identify themselves as “skeptics.” They are far more like frat boys than intellectuals. Real skeptics do not kowtow to Internet thugs the way these guys do. Your observations on how these guys play up on the sentiments of the alt-right is spot-on.

    Keep up the good work.

  5. Andrew Aug 3, 2017

    So you lie, manipulate, and criticize others to some people that criticize you. You do it over a number of months. That is pretty borderline abusive if it ever correlated to such a thing. Skeptics I guess are just that Skeptics they feel like something that is constantly touted as truth maybe flawed and go out on a limb to debunk things that are legitimate bullshit. So all you did is was become the pot calling the kettle black. You delegitimized any potential for debate along with lying your way to delegitimized any topics that any opponents could come up with by making them seem subhuman. You are like anita has said to others at the con a garbage human.

  6. Ben Kennedy Aug 18, 2017

    This episode should just be retitled: “A blatant pack of lies”.
    Should have expected as much but it’s our fault for giving you the benefit of the doubt and thinking you’d be an actual decent human being.

  7. Boris Aug 18, 2017

    Your subconsciousness is your worst enemy. It changes your memories to fit your current narrative and to make sure you always feel great about yourself, while hiding the truth about yourself. I used to date a woman like that. It was a horrifying experience. Seek some professional help.

  8. Jessie Aug 20, 2017

    Wow. You are a genuinely narcissistic and manipulative person. I’m surprised that you lack the self awareness to realize that outing yourself like this might not be a good idea. Honestly, this just depicted you in the worst possible way than any “troll” ever could.

  9. Julia Dec 7, 2017

    How narcissistic and manipulative. But hey, you’re the one with the mic, right?

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