Episode 5: The Sensual Ninja Turtle & Questions To Fall In Love

February 16, 2015

This week we chatted about Valentine’s Day, the Chapel Hill Shooting and the New York Time’s advice for falling in love.

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One comment on “Episode 5: The Sensual Ninja Turtle & Questions To Fall In Love

  1. Huguette Feb 23, 2015

    I again really enjoyed your podcast. The part that stuck with me the most is when you were talking about suspicion from the group that is discriminated. I live in Germany with my family for a few years now and as a black female I sometimes feel like i’m overeacting when someone gives me a look in the subway for instance. I have a mostly white friends and they sometimes made me feel as if i was seeing racism and evil in everybody. The fact that my husband (who is white) and i were insulted in the train for having an interracial relationship, i guess ringed a bell. Especially know with the number of emigrants and the fear of islam, racism and discrimination (you know about PEGIDA?) is really strong out here. My problem is now that when we have conversations, a few of my black friends are in the ‘fuck them all’ mood. The say ‘well see we knew they didn’t want us here anyway’ and i some of my white friends avoid the conversation.
    I feel stuck in the middle since i know all white german are not racist but i don’t feel like i belong in their group and on the other side my black comunity isn’t accepting me really since ‘i’m defending the enemy’ and married to one.
    Do you get what i’m saying? I just feel confused.
    (Sorry for my bad englisch :))
    But they way I have been watching you on youtube for a while Francesca and I love your work, i just helped my sister with her braids watching your old blogs.

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