Episode 29: Pope Pope, Pass

October 1, 2015

Last weekend we spent 10 long hours in Central Park to see Beyonce perform and it was so worth it. The Pope was in town and everyone was losing their mind and the moon gave us something a little special. P.S. We’ve been having some audio issues with music from the accompanying studio bleeding into our recording, please forgive us while we try to get it fixed.

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This episode features royalty free music from incompetech.com
Thanks to @jstnhll for our amazing theme music!

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One comment on “Episode 29: Pope Pope, Pass

  1. Shylina Oct 1, 2015

    OMG!!! I just had to pause the podast to say “AMEN” to y’alls comments about white artists covering hip-hop/rap songs. It isn’t always awful. I am one of the few people in the world who likes Duran Duran’s cover of “White Lines” #Duranie4Life :o) But often, it is done in an unnerving, cheeky way, like, look at us covering this CRAZY hard music. It can be tough to tell if they’re making fun of their own “whiteness”/”wackness’, if they are kinda mocking rap., or if they are just having fun with a song.

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