Episode 23: Bitch Betta Have My Podcast

July 9, 2015

This week we’re talking 4th of July, Rihanna’s new music video and the possible return of the dinosaurs.

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This episode features royalty free music from incompetech.com
Thanks to Justin Hall for our amazing theme music! – twitter.com/jstnhll

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One comment on “Episode 23: Bitch Betta Have My Podcast

  1. carolina Jul 15, 2015

    OMG why did i start watching sense 8 too! I feel like netflix pushed it on me lol it keeps popping up on things to watch so i decided ok ill watch it gosh netflix! Yeah it’s bad…I kept fast forwarding through most of the episodes and finished it in like 2 days not cause it is good lol but it’s so bad i just kept saying “ok skip, skip, skip” I mean ask me if imma watch the second season…probably lol!! whyyyy! Also love ya’ll!

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