Episode 19: Behind The Podcast

June 5, 2015

We’re “celebrating” 6 months of podcasting by talking about all the podcasts that make our show sound terrible! Just kidding. Sorta. This episode is a brainstorm/shout out session to hopefully make our show better. We also have a new theme song this week from @jstnhll and we love it.

Shoutouts to our favorite podcasts –
this american life
the truth
snap judgement
the read
another round
fan bros

What are some of your favorite podcasts? Anything you’d like to see implemented into the show? Tweet us #LastNameBasis or leave a comment on our site http://lastnamebasis.com

This episode includes music from https://soundcloud.com/croftis-beatmaker

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One comment on “Episode 19: Behind The Podcast

  1. Jae Green Jun 16, 2015

    Episode 19: behind the podcast I love you guys! I have watched Franchesca on YouTube forever (all the channels) ☺so I have enjoyed all of her stories and when patrick proposed, I enjoy the randomness (is that word) LOL, of the podcast. I would love to hear guest on the show. Interview them or do the same random conversation and get their take on it. (Just a casual, friends hanging out conversation) 😁 . Some other podcast I enjoy is: deetales podcast (deidre James), the love hour with Kevin and Melissa, ignorant philosophy and the brilliant idiots.

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