Episode 11: What’s In A Joke & Gay Pizza Parties

April 7, 2015

Jay Z’s app is making waves, an Indiana pizza parlor banks off their bigotry and Trevor Noah’s in trouble over some old tweets. Have questions or topic suggestions for next week’s show? Tweet us using #LastNameBasis!

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One comment on “Episode 11: What’s In A Joke & Gay Pizza Parties

  1. Maria Apr 7, 2015

    The one thing I feel I should point out about the whole Noah controversy is that when he was announced, everyone basically didn’t know who he was outside of the 2-3 skits he did on the Daily Show. Personally, I have seen almost all of his stand-up specials and found him to be very insightful, clever, and intelligent. So I was very pleased when he was chosen.

    Then a handful of tweets came out and everyone in America concluded he was misogynist and an anti-Semite. Mind you again, pretty much nobody has seen his OTHER work (where he does “punch up” and stands up for the marginalized). This is unfair.

    I do agree he needs to be careful because he is going to be much more in the public eye, but still, the outrage was way overblown.

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