See Last Name Basis LIVE! 11/21/17

See Last Name Basis LIVE! 11/21/17

Hip hip hooray! We’re having our very first LIVE show next month, Tuesday November 21st 2017 at the BRIC House in Downtown Brooklyn NY! Our live show will feature soon to be announced special guests, all your favorite corners, un-bleeped jokes, bad puns and your...

Franchesca Commits Trap Murder | VIDEO

This week on the podcast, when Patrick’s away the plants….can’t play. Cause they’re dead. Franchesca explains what happened to the venus fly traps and why it’s really all Pat’s fault. Check out a clip from episode 71 “Trap...

Episode 70 | Fill The Void

This week Fran has an update on the cat and Patrick is filling the apartment (and the void in his heart) with houseplants. Watch the full episode below or listen on Soundcloud or iTunes!

Team Little Titty | VIDEO

This week Patrick proclaims his love for Fran’s little Titty. This is a clip from episode 69 of Last Name Basis. Listen to the full episode on iTunes, Soundcloud or your favorite podcast app!