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This week we’re celebrating Patrick’s birthday! Yay! Disney has a new “African Princess”, Raven Symone says something stupid (surprise!) and we’re just trying to stay woke.

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This week’s episode is all about Mother’s day, “white appreciation day”, keeping our relationship exciting and a whole bunch of necessary and not so necessary bleeps. And Patrick tries to get fancy by hosting a slanguage bee of his own.

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This week we get a lil serious and delve into the politics of navigating an interracial relationship. But not before we talk about some silly stuff like the selfie arm, the Apple watch and noisy Brooklyn neighbors. Have questions for next week or comments about this week’s episode? Tweet us with #LastNameBasis or leave a comment on our website

Uh oh, we’re late again, but better late than never right? This week an appearance by Tony Hawk is looming over our heads as we discuss a creepy way to honor your dead loved ones, why Ben Affleck sucks and the recent protests in Baltimore. Questions or thoughts about this week’s episode? Tweet us with #LastNameBasis or leave us a comment on our site,!

This week’s episode is late and full of nonsense because Pat’s battling bronchitis and Franchesca is pulling ridiculous hours at her 3 jobs. So we have no clue what the heck we’re talking about this week, but you’ll just have to deal.

Play it cool, we recorded this week’s episode last week (since Fran’s still in Austin for SXSW), so instead of covering trending stories, we went kinda random. This week we talked about middle school growing pains, the immanent threat of vegetable enslavement and white people rocking flip flops in the winter.