Franchesca is an actress/comedian and video blogger who spends way too much time on the internet.






Patrick is an attorney and aspiring ukulele master who loves to cook.

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21 comments on “ABOUT

  1. carolina Jan 27, 2015

    Love the podcast, you guys hit on some great points when it comes to social media and politics! You are both super funny and I could just listen to you all day!

  2. Jonas Grancha Mar 13, 2015

    Just want it to say that i love your podcast and it would be amazing if you made more, cause they are awesome.
    You guys make me laugh so so hard and normally i listen this on work sooooo yeah xD ahahah
    Thank you for making my days at work more fun

    best regards
    Jonas Grancha

  3. Ahmed Yussuf Apr 5, 2015

    Hi there! Really enjoying your podcast. I was curious if you two ever thought about talking about interracial relationships, power imbalances within and how you two seem to make it work really well. As well as how soceity and communities view the relationship.

    I really hope this didn’t sound intrusive just that it’s been a topic circling around. It’d be great to hear your thoughts and how you two manage it.



  4. Rachel and Malcolm Neilson Apr 9, 2015

    We had to leave point peron because our Wifi dropped out. Came home to listen to the last half of LNB. We’ve either been under a rock or away from the US for waaay too long because we don’t know what half the slanguages mean.

    PS: we’re thinking your LNB jingle is cute with a game show type tune: ‘this is last name basis ~ding ding!’

    • Rachel and Malcolm Neilson Apr 9, 2015

      ….sorry, I hit post before typing my last sentence….. ‘this is last name basis’ like you ended episode 11. thanks!

  5. Jamie Apr 29, 2015

    I have been listening to Last Name Basis for a couple of weeks and I LOVE the 2 of you. I’m completely obsessed with the Podcast. You guys make great running partners. Much better than listening to music.

    Franchesca—- I am SO EXCITED that I am not the only person who is triggered to sing a song mid conversation. I do it all the time with a few people who appreciate that quirk about me. It’s like a tic I can’t control–ha!

    Thanks for the awesome, funny, and thought provoking conversations–keep ’em coming (FOREVER!)


  6. djmistiqo May 28, 2015

    the teamup with the FanBrosShow was friggin was entertaining and had so much in it. i would’ve given feedback on this earlier, but i’ve also had similar thoughts and questions regarding transitioning from internet media to the tv, and i’m trying to not send pages of words at people. It’s certainly something i’d be more curious of hearing youse two exploring.

  7. I was confused about exactly what edges were, especially since Urban Dictionary doesn’t have a satisfactory definition and thankfully tea and breakfast provided a pretty solid resource:

  8. Hi,
    I’ve just started listening to your podcasts and am enjoying them. I’m currently listening to episode 13, which includes Fran saying that she wouldn’t go back in time as a black woman, which reminded me of this short story.
    Hope you enjoy it!

  9. Hi!
    Yesterday I suggested a short story for Francesca. Today I suggest an audio drama series called the Red Panda Adventures for Patrick; a few of those episodes have dinosaurs with lasers in them!

  10. Hi Franchesca & Patrick,

    We have a crazy hilarious game thats all about black popular culture and we’re wondering if you might review it. It’s called Cards For All People because we feel like its a great bridge for all cultures.

    QUESTION: What’s the best comedy movie of all-time?
    A. Harlem Nights B. House Party C. Coming To America D. Friday

    I’d love to send you a free copy. Check out our site or Facebook to see people playing it and having a great time.



  11. Heather Sep 27, 2015

    The last few seasons of Scandal have been awful, and the first episode of How to Get Away With Murder’s season looks like it might be following in the same messy path. When is it okay to be honest and stop supporting content by minorities and women when the quality is actually lacking?

  12. Daniel Bickram Dec 20, 2015

    I wanted to know if Franchesca is available for an interview. This request would be more professional if I had an email address to formally request her presence. We are available on soundcloud and ITunes “Word of Mouth Radio”

  13. Hi – I really love your podcast (I’ve just discovered it and am currently binging past episodes). Anyways, I don’t know if you answer questions here but I have something that I think you two could shed light on. I’m a new graduate (I have a B.Sc in Psychology and a certificate in Journalism) and while I’ve been looking for a job I’ve been freelance writing for media outlets like Bitch Media, XO Jane…etc. Anyways I was given feedback the today from the HR department of a potential employer. Overall they were pleased with my CV and thought I was smart but they said my writing was too socialist. Since I am going on 7 months unemployed and am in real need for a job I was wondering if what I should do. My mom and other members of my family believe I should stop writing and remove all the articles I can off the internet. I don’t know what to do. At the moment the writing is starting to bring in money but on the other hand it is not a salaried position and I would really like to start paying off my student loans and stop worrying less about money.

  14. Cindy Feb 17, 2016

    I just heard about your podcast on The Friend Zone and I love it! I’ve listened to like 15 back to back episodes and you guys are hilarious! And very good looking people! I wish you much success! And let’s get you two some sponsors!

  15. Hello,

    My name is Amy Domestico—I’m a Talent Executive at BTR. Andy Toh (our General Manager/Chief Architect) and Jay Soderberg (VP, Content who launched ESPN’s podcasts) took a listen to your show last week and would love to talk to you about it. Do you have time for a quick phone call soon? Let me know and I’ll schedule the call for this week or next week.

    Amy Domestico
    Talent Executive
    Skype: amy.domestico

  16. Hello Francesca and Patrick,

    Let me start off by saying that I loved your podcast, you are a power couple to emulate and I am also here for Patrick go Patrick.
    I listen to the latest podcast solid material, I also echo what Francesca was saying on the topic of dealing with conservatives, yet here is my take and maybe you see it that way or not. When people voted for Trump that was their voice that was their choice, the rest of us are not obligated to join in on, support, or justify coming together to validate the madness that is Trump supporters, republicans, conservatives, and Trump in any way or fashion.
    Coming together to work with them will not only make their case for why they voted for him but also in my opinion hurt all of the opposition that should take place because of this madness. You don’t get into a car with someone who says come with me to watch my back so I can do illegal activities. So why would I or should I knowing spare the feelings of anyone who voted for Trump so they don’t get their feelings hurt. It’s time we played by their rules gave them a taste of it and still kick their people way the hell out come midterm elections and be done with it, there is nothing to come together on with how they fasted their vote, thank Your for your time.

  17. Mary Beth Jun 25, 2017

    Just got through listening to your episode with the dreams and thought I’d share some thoughts since you had similar content to dreams I’ve had. Travel is generally associated with death. NOT that I think you are going to die, but without knowing much about your personal life, I’m wondering if you are facing or considering a life change (which can be like a tiny death to self or way of life) and maybe not recognizing or contemplating how much of an impact it might have on you. Clothing (in your luggage) has to do with your outer appearance, the you that you share with the rest of the world, while your wallet is much closer to home, your personal identity, who you really are. Whenever I’ve had dreams about losing my wallet, it’s always turned out that I was not recognizing some part of me that really needed expression. Interesting that you thought you lost your clothing (outer appearance) only to discover that you’d really lost your wallet (true identity). Have you somehow squelched some really important part of yourself so that you can take what you think is supposed to be your next step forward in life? As to the kid with her finger in the vent – I have no idea! But the high school friend who ignored you might represent maturity. Perhaps it means that you can’t reach back to old ways of handling things in order to maintain your true identity. It’s time to mature in some way. Again, I know very little about your personal life. Everything I’m saying here is based on my own personal experience, but your dreams had so much overlap with dreams I had in my 20’s and 30’s that I just had to share what I found, in case it helps!


  18. Hi Last Name Basis Team!

    We are huuuuge fans of your podcast over here at SHHHOWERCAP. If you haven’t heard about us yet, we have completely re-engineered the shower cap for form and function. Our founder, Jacquelyn De Jesu, is the definition of a feminist girlboss, so we think our company would be a great fit for your podcast! We’ve received some great press already, and are always looking for a way to spread the word. We’d love to learn more about how you select the people and products you feature on the podcast. We’d also like to get more information on how your podcast advertising works. Can you please get in touch via email at Looking forward to it!